WalletConnect v2/v3 connection via web link does not work for Fireblocks Sandbox

When trying to connect dApp with Fireblocks via WaleltConnect v2 via web link, connection does not happen and an error appears in the browser console

create_wallet_connect:1     Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()
instrument.js:111 NetworkServiceError: Failed fetching "https://sb-console-api.fireblocks.io/create_wallet_connect", status:500
    at $e.fetch (NetworkService.ts:136:13)
    at async $e.post (NetworkService.ts:42:11)
    at async pF.createConnection (Api.ts:1383:5)
    at async DesktopLinking.tsx:38:13

Here is the error from browser console on Fireblocks Console

And just to add more context, WalletConnect seems to do it’s job and the link to connect is valid, because I see this Fireblocks UI for a minute, then it errors out without connecting me:

UI Version displayed: v2.0.4 - f8909a4f

Hi @S_V

The problem is that the dApp includes a mainnet network as a required namespace in the v2 session proposal. Since the Sandbox is limited to testnet assets only, any connection that requires a wallet for a mainnet network is rejected. For testing purposes, it is recommended to use dApps which have dedicated testnet interfaces, such as https://testnets.opensea.io/.

Hi @alec, thank you for the tip, In our WalletConnect configuration we have available chains set as chains=[goerli, mainnet] –– should it be just chains=[goerli] to work?

Does this mean that in production Fireblocks, only chains=[mainnet] is allowed, and WalletConnect configured as chains=[goerli, mainnet] will error out?

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I am having the same issue, and only have the goerli chain

Were you able to resolve this?

Not yet was able to resolve this @tomniermann
Please describe your setup, so that maybe @alec can give us a tip how to better triage