Wallet Connect issues

Hi, I’m trying to debug an issue a partner is having on our dapp with WalletConnectv2 + Fireblocks (https://app.huma.finance) but am unable to get my wallet to actually connect. They’re reporting that our dapp is detecting the wrong network from their wallet provider. When attempting to use WalletConnect myself I get pushed to the login screen for the Fireblocks console. I switch to sandbox, login, and see a second login screen. After I complete this screen, I see the Developer page but no dialog to connect my vault. Any idea why that is?

Hi @mliu

The Fireblocks Developer Sandbox only supports testnet networks. I see that your dApp only supports Polygon, so you will not be able to connect your Sandbox workspace via WalletConnect. If your partner is a Fireblocks customer with a mainnet workspace, they can open a support ticket and we will investigate further.

Hi Alec, thanks for the reply. Sorry, I’ve been testing on our development version of the dapp, which has testnet support. Can you try with this link: Huma Finance ?

Thanks for clarifying @mliu – I have replicated the behavior you described. Can confirm for me that you are supporting WalletConnect v2? And if so, which RPC methods are you requesting (eth_sendTransaction, personal_sign, etc.)?

@alec yes, we migrated over to use WalletConnect v2 with the @web3-react/walletconnect-v2 package. We use both eth_sendTransaction and personal_sign with ethers.js. Any idea on why I can’t see the “Link Vault Account to App” dialog like in this article: https://support.fireblocks.io/hc/en-us/articles/5403817784732-Connecting-to-Web3-using-WalletConnect ?

@mliu I have identified the issue. The WalletConnect Proposal Namespace that your dApp sends includes "chains": ["eip155:137"] as a required namespace. This is the ID of Polygon mainnet, and the connection is rejected by Fireblocks because the Sandbox workspace does not support mainnets.