How can I connect a Solana staking dApp to Fireblocks Sandbox via WalletConnect and sign transactions?

At present, I am trying to connect to Fireblocks Sandbox via WalletConnect using the official demo address: However, I am receiving an error message: ‘Fireblocks doesn’t support the dApp’s requested asset (4uhcVJyU9pJkvQyS88uRDiswHXSCkY3z).’ I also cannot find any other demo for connecting to Solana Testnet. I would like to know if Fireblocks has an official demo for connection that can be provided. Additionally, the documentation for Fireblocks’ wallet connection interface and transaction signing interface is somewhat vague. I would like to understand if it supports common transaction signing parameters. Also, the Fireblocks interface mentions an ‘accountId’, but I am unsure how to obtain it. Thank you.

@Wilfred Please kindly give a response :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi @bearfly,

The WalletConnect explorer dApp is using the CASA chain ID standard , which we do not support. The vast majority of functional Solana dApps we support use the native representation.

So, if you find a real Solana dApp with a devnet interface, you can connect it to your Sandbox workspace via the desktop connector.

Lastly, Fireblocks does not have an official demo dApp.

Can you share a screenshot of where you are seeing the accountId?

@Wilfred But the fact that I can successfully connect using the ‘solana:8E9rvCKLFQia2Y35HXjjpWzj8weVo44K’ from Deprecated_Devnet suggests that the issue is not whether Fireblocks supports it or not, but rather that WalletConnect is the only method to connect to Fireblocks. How can I resolve this issue of not being able to connect?