Sandbox connection to solana dapp from WalletConnect modal

So recently Fireblocks tech support has enabled “web3 integration for WalletConnect” for our Sandbox (thanks guys).

Now I’m trying to connect solana dapp to the Sandbox on solana devnet chain (solana:EtWTRABZaYq6iMfeYKouRu166VU2xqa1) via WalletConnect modal, Desktop Fireblocks wallet option.

So when I click on Fireblocks Desktop wallet, it redirects me to the Sandbox to connection interface. And here I’m getting Fireblocks doesn't support the dApp's requested asset (EtWTRABZaYq6iMfeYKouRu166VU2xqa1). code 2004

Also walletconnect’s example from results the same error.

We have SOL_TEST asset in vaults. Do we need an additional set up? Could you please guide us.


Hi @mikhail

Alec from Fireblocks here. The WalletConnect explorer dApp is using the CASA chain ID standard, which we do not support. The vast majority of functional Solana dApps we support use the native representation.

Hey @alec ,
Thanks for reply!

So I’m a bit confused. As I understood:

  • QR code mobile is not supported by Sandbox
  • WalletConnect fireblocks desktop option uses chainId not supported by Fireblocks

What would you recommend then to connect Solana x Fireblocks Sandbox in order to sign transactions?

@mikhail to clarify what I said before, the chainId issue seems to be specific to this WaletConnect test interface ( So, if you find a real Solana dApp with a devnet interface, you can connect it to your Sandbox workspace via the desktop connector. Note that a dApp that only works on mainnet won’t be able to connect to the Sandbox workspace, because Sandbox only supports testnet assets.