I have a sandbox environment and I need to connect my dapp to it

My dapp uses a default wagmi config that includes Fireblocks as a wallet option. I can’t get the Webapp connection to open a link to the sandbox environment, it keeps redirecting to the production Fireblocks console. What do I need to do to test my dapp with a connection to the Fireblocks sandbox env?

Hey @Eddie thanks for reaching out.

Whenever using the desktop WC connection method the user is redirected to the production Fireblocks login page. Having said that, there is a drop down to choose the environment when landing on the login page as a result of such redirect.

I don’t see this option in my window. And the “Switch to previous version” takes me to a blank page.

I’m also continuously getting an error with Google signin and 2FA where it just says “Something went wrong, please try again”.

When using WC and trying to scan the QR code with the Fireblocks android app, I keep getting “Unknown QR code, This QR code does not belong to Fireblocks”.

Desperately, I am even willing to pay 1 month to get access to the production console. However, this “Get Started” button doesn’t even work and I can’t get past the signup page.

Honestly, it’s becoming impossible to test and I’d be hesitant to move to this service given the technical difficulties I’m experiencing.

Hey @Eddie,

Let’s try to solve this one by one.
Can you please login to your sandbox account by browsing to:

I can see that you used email and password for your user there. Can you try to login and enter the 2FA you set when you initially signed up to the Sandbox account?

Let me know if there’s any issue after trying to do so.

Hey @Eddie just wanted to follow up on the above…