Connecting to Web3 using the Fireblocks Chrome Extension

Hi, Support Team

With reading this document

I am trying to connect Fireblocks-Chrome-Extension to my Sandbox account.

I am following the instructions shown on the document.

Using Fireblock Mobile App on my mobile, I tried to read QR code, and then I got an strange error “This QR code does not belong to Fireblocks”.

Could you help me, please ?


Hey Sir,
Thank you for contacting community support.
Can you please specify the workspace’s name and the user you were trying to connect with?

Thanks for your reply.

At the moment, I am using Sandbox developer. My company (Quant Network) is testing Fireblocks APIs before moving to the paid service.


So, are you using an API or non-API user to connect to web3?

Only non-API users can be paired with the Fireblocks mobile app.
In the mobile app, can you please confirm which user is paired to the device?

If a user is not paired to the mobile app, you cannot scan a QR to connect to a web3.


I downloaded from “Fireblocks Mobile App” from

I am the owner of my Developer sandbox, so I am obviously a console user, not API user.

Then, I started the app. There is no initial step (or process) for me to input my email address and password to the app. The app just asks me to scan QR code.

So, your question “In the mobile app, can you please confirm which user is paired to the device?” is nonsense to me. There is no way for Fireblocks mobile app on my mobile to recognise a user which was registered on Sandbox console.

Inevitably I just scanned the QR code, which generated from “Connect To Fireblocks Vault” shown on Fireblocks Chrome Extension at Google Chrome explorer of my Linux laptop. then I got an strange error “This QR code does not belong to Fireblocks”.


With Sandbox environments, we do not support Fireblocks mobile app.
The signup process is not using the email and password.
It is done via QR during onboarding to a regular workspace
Fireblocks mobile app is only supported in non-sandbox environments.
The user roles are different, and the users need to be paired with the mobile app before being able to scan QR codes to connect to web3 using the vaults
For Sandbox, we only support API users and workspace users who do not require a mobile app.
I hope this clears it up.

Hi @drhanlondon

Alec from Fireblocks here. To clarify what was said above:

  • Fireblocks Sandbox workspaces do not support mobile app pairing. The QR code you are prompted to scan on the app is the pairing QR code that is shown on paid workspaces.
  • The Chrome extension is not supported for Sandbox workspaces. You can connect your Sandbox workspace to testnet dApps if they support WalletConnect by using the desktop connection option.
  • You can find a breakdown of the differences between what is supported in Sandbox vs. paid workspaces here: Workspace Comparision