Is fireblocks NCW compatible with fireblocks/fireblocks-web3-provider?

Hi, I am trying to use Fireblocks NCW from the developer sandbox through fireblocks-web3-provider on Mumbai and no matter what configuration settings I set, I am getting Insufficient permissions error when I try to use signTypedData through fireblocks-web3-provider. What am I possibly missing or doing incorrectly?

Hi @de33
Please confirm if you use the web front end or mobile app for NCW with sandbox.
Please also check if the NCW_ADMIN and NCW_SIGNER users were created from the same CSR files. So, both users should have the same secret key plugged into the backend.

I am using the web frontend at Fireblocks Console and can confirm both signers are from the same CSR files

I meant for NCW implementation. Are you using the web front end for the end user wallet or the mobile app?
Were you able to successfully generate the keys and asset wallets?
By front end, I meant this demo end-user wallet front end

Also, is the back end running correctly?

Do you have a failed transaction ID for the same?