NCW transaction not being signed, keeps being in 'pending signature'

Hello, we are testing NCW setup with the sandbox, using the following guides:

backend: Quickstart
frontend: Setup
mysql: (local docker instance)

In the Fireblocks sandbox we created a new NCW Admin and NCW Signer with the same custom CSR.

Starting frontend and backend and database without errors. In the frontend we can walk through each step without errors, until the ‘Create Tx’ option. If we try that one, the transaction is passed on to the sandbox. In the sandbox the transaction show as ‘Pending Signature’ and it keeps being in this status until timeout.
It seems like the signer is not being triggered to sign.

In the frontend it shows the status as ‘submitted’ but not further. I am not catching any errors in either front-end or back-end…

The txID: a9b6a97d-0a12-4967-a65f-6b61053221e0

Found it! (I’ll answer my own topic in case others run into the same)

I forgot to configure the webhook in Fireblocks and run a tunnel on my laptop (using ngrok). It now works!


Thanks for taking the time to respond to others @Jarl !