Can not get wallet-connect to work


I am trying out the ncw-backend and ncw-web-demo and trying to use the ‘Web3’ functionality from the demo with wallet-connect. When I pass in url, using the Goerli network I get the following response in the backend returned from the sandbox:

“We couldn’t activate ETH_TEST3 on eip155. Contact us with error code 3001.”

seeing a similar issue here - but not sure it was solved? I did manage to get it to work the other day, but not now …

Hi @Jarl the Goerli testnet was deprecated on 1/1/24

Hi, yes ok true, but still working :slight_smile: I tried also with some other networks (sepolia, mumbai) and got the same type of result

Hey @Jarl , seems like connecting to Uniswap (with testnets) or works just fine. Can you try one of these? Furthermore, which application is it you’re trying to connect to?

Hey @janlev, indeed, it works now. Not sure what went wrong first time, but problem apparently solved :slight_smile: