Docker Tunnel not initializing

I’ve been trying to run the dockerized demo from this Github: GitHub - fireblocks/ncw-demo-dockerized: NCW Web FE + BE dockerized demo.
I’ve configured the env.txt files to work with my sandbox workspace and configured the webhook URLs. So far, the application allows me to assign a device ID, generate MPC Keys, add assets, and create transactions. However, every transaction I create gets stuck on “SUBMITTED” status and after reloading the page I don’t see it in my list of transactions anymore. I suppose this happens because I’m not getting transaction notifications from the webhooks.
I’ve checked the console logs and it seems that the tunnel is not starting since I don’t see its URL there. I even changed the default TUNNEL_SUBDOMAIN value but nothing has changed.

Hi there,
Alon from Fireblocks here.
Great job in setting everything up, you are on the right track.
I agree, It sounds like some webhook → tunneling misconfiguration.

  1. If the docker tunnel for some reason is not working for you, you can always install ngrok or localtunnel and set that up
  2. By default, the dockerized BE is configured to listen to /api/webhook so plz make sure you configured the webhook to forward messages there.
  3. What is the name of your workspace ? the right top of the workspace you should see it. we’ll check some of your configurations behind the scenes

Hello Alon, thank you for the response.

I configured the tunnel’s env file as follows


and configured the webhook URLs on the workspace with this URL:
Is there anything else I should’ve done in relation to the webhook?
As for the name of the workspace, it is: Coinmama - Michael Karpov

Yeah it seems good.
I’m not sure why the tunneling is not coming up for you, there are many reasons that can cause it, including firewall on your own env.

How about you’ll first try to install ngrok or localtunnel without the docker and do the same tunneling
For instance you can run

ngrok http 3000

and then confiugre the new generated api with suffix /api/webhook
and see where that takes you ?

I installed ngrok but it seems to not work as I get an POST /api/webhook - 500 Internal Server Error error message.
I installed ngrok using brew and set the authtoken.
I configured the webhook URLs on the workspace with the URL using the https provided by ngrok:
Forwarding - -> http://localhost:3000

Sorry for the late response.
So 500 is better than not forwarding at all , it seems like you are able to get the calls reach your BE
Maybe is fails during the verifications of the webhook FIREBLOCKS_WEBHOOK_PUBLIC_KEY ?

The webhook should work, but if you just want to make sure you are able to get signature working for you and not worry about the webhook, you can always query fireblooks directly for your transactions status

or you can get the created transaction status by id