Slowness of transactions with Fireblocks

Hi we are currently investigating using a Fireblock developer sandbox account for the login **** Our primary use case is to call our own smart contracts from Custodial Wallets. Using your technology we have been able to do so successfully. However, we have noticed that the transactions take a very long time to complete, e.g.
Our ERC20 transaction with TransactionId: 58242547-0c36-4070-970a-e956f69ec895 to endpoint POST /transactions from our calculations took 30 seconds to complete.

Is this an expected length of time because we are in a sandbox?
What are the expected performance benchmarks?

Hi @finone, Fireblocks transaction processing is not typically 30 seconds, I have looked into the txId you sent on Celo Alfajores Testnet, and that it completed on chain within 5 seconds, the potential delay could be due to our testnet performance currently slowed but I can confirm on mainnet workspace the performance is mainnet speed.

Also for creating txs, the calculation of fee dictates the speed at which a transaction is picked up and confirmed by the network

Thanks for the reply, the 30 seconds on our side was timed by -

  1. Calling the POST /transaction as explained above
  2. Polling the the GET /Transactions/:txid every half a second until the transaction state switched to >= COMPLETED

Is there a better way to do this? Especially a way to experience the 5 seconds you mentioned

The delay in transition to COMPLETED/CONFIRMED status depends on confirmation policy as well, in the mentioned txId case it required 3 confirmations aka 3 blocks before the status is updated to completed.
Hence a faster status update can be achieved by lowering the number of confirmation required for desired asset though this function is not available in sandbox.

Hi, thanks for the replys.
I made the suggested changes -

  1. Changed the FeeLevel to High
  2. Change the number of confirmations to 1

After retrying I got the following -
The transaction took 32 seconds to complete - 30bd32cf-782f-4d8c-b839-fbb9ef4c7fd2
FYI - it’s an ERC20 Approve function.

What other changes can I do to reduce this time?