TEST_BTC transfer issue for sandbox

Hi I have developer sandbox account.
I’m trying to test transactions with the BTC_TEST.

The balance - 0.003785 BTC_TEST
I try to send - 0.003 BTC_TEST(to ONE_TIME_ADDRESS)
Fee - 1014.67 sat
Fireblocks transaction ID - b0cabe49-b75c-4513-86e0-d0df192dd74b

But I have this error - Not enough fund for the fee of the requested transaction

I’ve tried with different amounts and different fees. The result is the same for me.

Could you please suggest what is wrong here?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Max,
The fee required for the transaction is 0.01252110184. Hence, it failed with insufficient funds for fees. Please try a smaller amount.

Hi @mnamakwala
Thank you for checking it out for me.
I’ve initiated 2 more transactions - but the result is the same
One with 0.001 BTC_TEST
Fireblocks transaction ID - 267ed8b3-9511-4c74-b2c1-69f99a841ba8
The second one with 0.0001 BTC_TEST
Fireblocks transaction ID - adbb5060-a12e-4314-b4f8-b7b4ff1c91e3

The estimated fee is 0.01113099572 for tx 267ed8b3-9511-4c74-b2c1-69f99a841ba8, and the wallet balance was 0.00378562 BTC_TEST.
The tx adbb5060-a12e-4314-b4f8-b7b4ff1c91e3 failed because the balance on Fireblocks is zero. Please update the balance and try again.