Estimate fee for BTC not working

const payload: TransactionArguments = {
assetId: assetId,
amount: amount,
source: {
type: PeerType.VAULT_ACCOUNT,
id: ‘3’,
// destination: {
// type: PeerType.ONE_TIME_ADDRESS,
// },
destination: {
type: PeerType.VAULT_ACCOUNT,
id: ‘4’,
const detailedEstimatedFee =
await fireblocks.estimateFeeForTransaction(payload);

I have little over 0.002 test BTC in the source wallet. Upon sending request with various amounts less than 0.002 BTC I get an error message:
data: {
message: ‘Error calculating transaction fee due to fee higher than gross amount’,
code: 1908 }.
It happens for both destination provided above. It works for ETH.

The error mentions the fee estimates to be higher than the amount being transferred.
The current fee rate on BTC testnet is pretty high. The medium fee rate 1156 sat/vbyte.
Please use a smaller amount and try again.

I think there is a problem from Fireblocks side. When the highest possible fee for tbtc is higher then the amount in wallet Fireblocks returns an error and works otherwise.