I can't make transaction,

Hi, I can’t make transactions on sandbox from UI, I got
Also I have gas stations with money.

Hi @Jenk,

My name is Maxim and I’m a Technical Support Manager here at Fireblocks.

Based on our records, in case the issue you are referencing is related to NFT transfers, the error suggests having a sufficient amount of native asset (MATIC_POLYGON_MUMBAI - Currently the available balance isn’t enough - 0.000000000000084, require at least 0.001) to cover the fees to make the transfer from your Vault Account.

Please make sure you have enough funds to cover the fees for the NFT transfer should you require further assistance, please send the relevant Fireblocks Transaction ID.

Best Regards,
Maxim Vasilyev

Hello Maksim,

Yep, but I send matic_polygon_mumbai to gas station, transaction success, but balance has 0.
fireblocks transaction id: 32f981aa-8830-47a6-99a2-e1359e1dfbfa.

My main problem now is gas station.

Best regards,
Yauheni Matskevich