Send sepolia tx is failing

Internal Fireblocks error appears with the Fireblocks Web3 SDK.
This is the error that show after send the multicall tx using sepolia testnet.

I saw that someone had the same error using the RSK testnet: Error: Fireblocks transaction {transactionID} was not completed successfully. Final Status: FAILED (UNKNOWN_ERROR)

Error: Fireblocks transaction 40635336-a96f-46c7-9ba4-91c456aaa3bb was not completed successfully. Final Status: FAILED (UNKNOWN_ERROR)
    at FireblocksWeb3Provider.createTransaction (/Users/cancuethereum/Projects/myproject/myproject-back/node_modules/@fireblocks/fireblocks-web3-provider/src/provider.ts:625:18)
    at async FireblocksWeb3Provider.createContractCall (/Users/cancuethereum/Projects/myproject/myproject-back/node_modules/@fireblocks/fireblocks-web3-provider/src/provider.ts:547:39)
    at async /Users/cancuethereum/Projects/myproject/myproject-back/node_modules/@fireblocks/fireblocks-web3-provider/src/provider.ts:308:26 {
  code: -32603,
  data: undefined,
  payload: undefined


fireblocks-web3-provider:error Simulate the failed transaction on Tenderly:

Fireblocks tx id: 40635336-a96f-46c7-9ba4-91c456aaa3bb

Hi @cancu

Alec from Fireblocks here. Fireblocks simulates transactions to estimate a reasonable gas limit before the transaction is constructed and signed. When the transaction reverts during the simulation, this error occurs. What this means is that, based on the calldata, the transaction would have failed on-chain if broadcast at the time of the simulation. In most cases this also means that the transaction would fail if broadcast at all. If you have a Tenderly account, you can follow that link to get more information about the transaction simulation.