Error: Fireblocks transaction {transactionID} was not completed successfully. Final Status: FAILED (UNKNOWN_ERROR)

After I trigger a transaction, I get the error:

  • error: Error: Fireblocks transaction 56fada43-4d09-4c1e-8f38-46277e6799dd was not completed successfully. Final Status: FAILED (UNKNOWN_ERROR)

I tested the transaction parameters on tenderly, and it passed as a valid transaction.

Please help me understand what is blocking all the transactions from going through. To note that I’ve made 500 successful transactions today while testing. Is there such a rate limit for the API?

To provide more info on the error, that just started happen again (while running the same script that was running OK yesterday):

  code: -32603,
  data: undefined,
  payload: undefined

Posting also a successful transaction to help with the debug:
Fireblocks transaction id: 5132dd87-65b6-4ef0-97fe-b276235e1e8d
tx hash: 0xbca8c6eea355bdeb56a1ad420cc2c026fa6cbfd16d93191b86b00d1a53884497

Hi @Diniz

Alec from Fireblocks here. I found that the RSK testnet node we are using is failing calls with a request for payment after a certain point, so it does seem to be a rate limiting issue. We will explore improving RSK testnet support internally.