I am developing NCW using fireblock but getting lots of questions

  1. How Data can persist after login so new wallet Id should not get generate for same user
  2. I added asset in wallet and I transferred some amount of ETH but it is not reflecting
  3. I took backup on google drive but even after success it is not showing any file in google drive

I am referring demo for backend and web which are provided by fireblocks and there also same problem present.

Not sure what wrong I am doing. Thanks in advance for help

Hey @ashusnp

  1. After generating a new wallet using the deviceId, you should save that walletId on your server. When retrieving info from the server, you should be able to provide the already existing walletId using the deviceId
  2. Can you elaborate on “does not reflect”? Have you re-queried the end user wallet balance? Have you tried refreshing the balance?
  3. We save it on a folder that’s only visible to the demo app. You modify it to any path you want in your app.

Thank you so much for replying.

  1. Yes, I am saving it into my server and providing already existing walletId using the deviceId but it is asking me to perform few steps like initialize the Fireblocks SDK. so can I directly do it inside my code without asking user or it is not a good practice.

  2. I am sending ETH to generated address but even after successful refresh balance API result it is zero. inside API itself getting 0.
    getting below object in response:
    “id”: “ETH-AETH_SEPOLIA”,
    “total”: “0”,
    “frozen”: “0”,
    “locked”: “0”,
    “pending”: “0”,
    “staked”: “0”,
    “reserved”: “0”

  3. I am doing backup on google drive and all APIs giving success response then also it is not saving any file on google drive. not sure what wrong I am doing.

Can you try this on demo app there also these is not working. I am using this link: Fireblocks Js cosigner

please help me in this.

I will add some screen shot for reference.
Below one for address confirmation: (0x07316C37890f50236eDF759f5E49FdcD01C46a25)
Unfortunately I can not add more than one screen shot so given address

Below for balance API response:

Below Url for transaction information:

@janlev any chance to have a look into it. When I am using same walletId from different device getting error as Key descriptor not found for algorithm MPC_CMP_ECDSA_SECP256K1

Thanks in advance

The assetId you’re using is incorrect. For Sepolia, you should use ETH_TEST5.