UUID walletIdInvalid request. destinations[0].destination.walletId: should match format "uuid

I’ve been trying to create a transaction, but I’m currently getting and error which is; message: ‘Invalid request. destinations[0].destination.walletId: should match format “uuid”’, and I’m noit sure there’s any point where I a uuid gets generated while creating the wallet.

I would appreciate a quick response. Thanks.

Hello @Pausonbigi, Mohammed from Fireblocks Support here.

Wallet Id gets generated for each user along with device Id and allows you to initialize the SDK. Wallet ID format is similar to device Id, but for destination please replace walletId with id

You can view our API spec here, for all NCW specific API endpoints https://ncw-developers.fireblocks.com/reference/open-api-specification


Hello @Pausonbigi we believe an issue could be the source is set to an internal wallet and you have 2 different types of destinations:

  1. One for destination object
  2. Another one under destination(s) array

Thanks @Mohammed seems the API only applies to ncw right?

@Mohammed I’m actually trying to create a transaction for a wallet in a vault, does this API still apply?

@Mohammed please do you have any response to this?

Hi, Sorry for the late response, if you are trying to specify a wallet ID in as the “destinations” than you need to remove the 2nd destination object in the code screenshot you sent above.