Walletid format error creating a transaction using postman

Postman error: {
“message”: “Invalid request. source.walletId: should match format "uuid", destination.walletId: should match format "uuid"”,
“code”: 900

VaultAccount ids and wallet ids are correct

“operation”: “TRANSFER”,
“note”: “”,
“assetId”: “ETH_TEST5”,
“source”: {
“type”: “VAULT_ACCOUNT”,
“id”: “6”,
“name”: “TestFromAPI”,
“walletId”: “0xa5471a21ad95B7de2354AA391340159327CdA370”
“destination”: {
“type”: “VAULT_ACCOUNT”,
“id”: “11”,
“name”: “VaultTest1”,
“walletId”: “0x2319eeFa47D16AAdA6A538F20761310d37AC206F”,
“address”: “”,
“tag”: “”
“amount”: “0.001”…


Hi Danny,
Thank you for contacting the Fireblocks community.
The vaults do not have a walletID. The ID is used to specify the vault number, which is enough to specify the source and destination wallets when they are present in the vaults. The “name” and “walletID” fields are not needed.
WalletId is used to specify whitelisted wallets or NCW wallets. I hope this clears it up.
Please take a look at the example mentioned in the guide below.

That’s great, thanks mnamakwala