Where to can I find the Fireblocks SDK documentation?

Hi, is there documentation for the FIREBLOCKS SDK functionalities and methods? I can’t seem to find it. I’m trying to get some information about the methods underlined in the image bellow

Hello Mario,

Can you check this:

Thank you for the response.

Is there no method to change the balance of a wallet asset?

No method to change the balance. You can refresh balance of the asset wallet.

const refreshBalance = await fireblocks.NCW.refreshWalletAssetBalance("walletId",0,"assetId")

So, from what I’m getting I could only change the balance of an asset through a transaction.

I’ve modified the demo’s transaction card to allow me to set the transaction data using a form. However, I noticed that the demo uses the walletId and accountId to make the transaction.
Can I instead make a transaction through the address? And if so, where do I get my wallet’s address?
I tried first by only filling in the destAddress with a Permanent Address I got from " Ethereum Test (Goerli) Addresses" asset on the fireblocks workspace asset tab but it gives off an error: ERR_BAD_REQUEST