NCW Wallet -> Device ID

Device ID and wallet correlation

Each user can have multiple deviceId values, each correlating to a different Wallet (NCW) in Fireblocks. Each deviceId represents an entity that stores an end-user key share.

i have a question. Does it mean, every wallet can only have one single deviceId , or does it mean one wallet, can have multiple deviceID , so user can login on multiple device ?


sorry, my further question is , if the user have changed the device they use / using multiple devices, so for every devices, must have a different wallet ?

or this is the usecase of backup & recovery method?

Hello ace3, in the case of switching mobile device a user can have multiple deviceIds, as seen here Get registered devices get devices returns an array of objects containing DeviceId and Enabled:bool for a single walletId{walletId}/devices

Ideally you would disable the deviceId no longer inuse by setting enabled to false.

Regarding Backup & recovery the Fireblocks Non-Custodial Wallet (NCW) provides a backup and recovery mechanism to make sure that users can recover their keys even if their NCW device is lost or damaged.

Backup and Recovery Here is our help center article regarding device recovery and back up.

Hello Mohammed,

thank you for the reply. Now i understand it much better :pray: