How to sign a transaction using an NCW with a chain not supported by Fireblocks

Hi, I am trying to make a transaction on a chain not supported by Fireblocks using a non-custodial wallet. I was able to generate an address using the method:

    algorithm: "MPC_EDDSA_ED25519",
    compressed: true,

The derivationPath is defined as the chain I want to use. However, from what I see, to sign a transaction, I need to call the method createTransaction, which requires the assetId as an argument. I believe that while the assetId doesn’t exist, it will keep returning ‘asset not found’.

So, do I need to save the asset in wallet before trying to sign the transaction, or is there another way? Should I build the transaction outside of Fireblocks and just sign it? If so, how do I do this if the signTransaction(txId) method waits for a transaction to be in the “Pending Signature” state, which will never happen in this case because the transaction was not created in Fireblocks?

Could you provide me with some guidance?

Hi @yurivvdantas at the moment what you are trying to achieve is not supported by NCW. Our product team is working on releasing a get public key with derivation endpoint for NCW in due time.