NCW Signing key not created. asset: ETH_TEST5, algorithm: MPC_ECDSA_SECP256K1


I am getting the following error in sandbox mode:
{“error”:“Forbidden”,“message”:“Signing key not created. asset: ETH_TEST5, algorithm: MPC_ECDSA_SECP256K1”}
I am trying to use the {{baseUrl}}/ncw/wallets/{{walletID}}/accounts/{{accountId}}/assets/{{assetId}} endpoint using Postman to add an asset to the account (baseUrl = I have already created a wallet and an account in it. I am using the NCW Admin role. However, I have also tried using NCW Signer, Non-Signing Admin and Editor roles to no avail.
I understand I need to generate an MPC key on the frontend first, e.g. by using the fireblocks js SDK. But even if I did, what am I to do with the MPC key? I cannot find anything in the docs, NCW docs or API reference about the ‘add asset’ endpoint accepting an MPC key or anyhting signed by the MPC key.

Hey @Analgin , you must first generate a set of MPC keys. You may further read here: