Depositing Test Coins in Fireblocks Sandbox: Balance Stuck at Zero


I’m sending test coins to a certain BTC_TEST address, but the balance is still zero, it’s not changing even though the transfer was successful (sandbox mode). The coins are being sent from an external address. Can anyone advise what could be causing this problem and how to fix it?

Hi @Adriatik i can see that there were incoming transactions for vaults 6,10,13,15 and all these vaults have non-zero balance for BTC_TEST.

Could you advise which vault you are seeing a zero balance for BTC_TEST?

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Hi @Wilfred thanks for your response, yeah it seems that the transactions arrived a few minutes after I posted the question; there seemed to be a delay in transactions. Everything looks good now, thank you.

@Adriatik thanks for your response too. Glad to hear everything looks good for now!