Console Login issue

I have requested for developer account creation, and I was able to verify my email, However I didn’t get any link to set password. So, I reset my password with email verification but still unable to login into console as it is asking for 6 digit code from 2FA app. Can anyone please help as I didn’t receive any notification or steps to add 2FA.

Hey @gauravnandan - just checking if you’re trying to login to the Sandbox at the correct URL?

yes I am using the same url

Hey Gaurav,

Sagar from Fireblocks here, Can you please try logging in once again Fireblocks Console. Let me know how it goes.


Hi Sagar,

Its still the same.


Hey Gaurav,

I presume you get the 2FA screen where you have to enter the 2FA code and once you enter it, It fails, This indicates that the 2FA code was not correct. Can you verify if the 2FA code is correct? and or the time is sync’d on your client machine and your mobile where you have the 2FA app.

We can try resetting your 2FA config if the issue persists.

Hi Sagar,

I didnt get any option to setup 2FA while signing up. Can you try to reset 2FA.

Hi Gaurav,

2FA reset was done. Please let me know how it goes. You should be entering the email address and password (and not Google Auth or Microsoft Live auth), You should see a QR code to setup 2FA