Cannot recover my password

I’m experiencing issues for loggin in. I input my password (that I’m pretty sure it’s the right one) and I cannot login, after a random number of attempts I can access to the console. This is a little cumbersome.

I don’t receive an email of password recover after pressing “Forgot my password” either, so I cannot access my sandbox environment by any way.

Could you please assist me? The email is

Thank you!

Hi @damian7330,

I can see that you tried to login and reset your password on the production environment login page:

And not in the Sandbox login page:

Can you please try to login via the Sandbox URL and let me know if that works?

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Oohh, they different URL, OK

I can access now, thanks! And sorry :slight_smile:

Nothing to sorry about @damian7330

Thanks for the update!