Completing Test Transaction Without Sufficient Funds for Fees

I’m trying to make a transaction from one account to another (assetId: BTC_TEST), but the transaction is not being completed successfully (The source vault doesn’t have enough funds to cover the fee. Fees are paid in BTC_TEST from the same vault as the transaction sources.). Is there any way to complete the transaction successfully without needing to cover the fee, in test mode (just to test it)?

Hey @Adriatik!

We are using real testnets hence fees are a mandatory part of the transaction execution flow.

I can send you some test assets if you’ll share your address. Alternatively you can use one of the publicly available faucets.

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Hi @SlavaSereb

Thank you for the response. The issue is that the transaction is significantly delayed through public sources and, in some cases, not arriving at all. If you could send me the necessary amount to test a transaction, I would be grateful. Here is the test address(BTC_TEST): tb1qgazn92j6m990uuqhmslzjm0gm8eulp5nymnq88

Hey @Adriatik,

Sent you some funds.

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hi @SlavaSereb thanks a lot!