Btc tranfer within a vault and two vaults

  1. How do I go about BTC transfer between addresses within a vault, how do avoid fees doing this ?

  2. Is fee required for vault to vault ?

  3. What is the minimum BTC transfer in the testnet ?

  4. Why do I keep getting Insufficient when I try creating BTC transfer or get estimated fee ? when I have 0.002392 BTC and cannot even send 0.00000001 BTC

Hi Ademola,

  1. The transfer between two vaults are an on chain operation. So it requires fees. It cannot be done without paying fees.
  2. Yes fee is required
  3. The minimum transaction amount are given in the below article
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Thanks for your response.

Is there a way to move coins not on-chain like if I have multiple deposit address in a specific vault, can I move BTC among them if yes, what type will I call the destination ONE_TIME_ADDRESS OR INTERNAL_WALLET . and will this also require a fee ?

Also do you have like a slack channel where I can always ask question and get response ASAP ?

Hi Ademola,
All transactions within Fireblocks are on the chain, so a fee will be required.
If you have a production workspace you can submit a ticket. We have a Slack channel for some customers, but only for production workspaces. For sandbox workspaces, this is the place to contact us. Thanks

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