Staking SOL_TEST to Figment in Sandbox environment


I am trying to stake SOL_TEST to Figment using staking SDK but I am unable to do so. I am getting Error: Wrong validator address input . The validator address I’m putting in is: i7NyKBMJCA9bLM2nsGyAGCKHECuR2L5eh4GqFciuwNT

I can’t stake to Figment via the web UI either. The Fireblocks Transaction ID is:

However, I realised that staking on Kiln validator works ok, so there is some issue with Figment specifically.

Hey @robert,
For the UI one - can you please cancel this one: 6b5a8397-11ec-4921-9e23-821de56ce72b and try to submit a new one from scratch?

In regards to the staking SDK - can you share the code that you’re running + the exact error please?

Regarding the Fireblocks UI:
I cancelled the Figment staking tx and tried again. Still stuck in Submitted state.

Regarding the SDK:
I am running the code from Fireblocks Solana Staking SDK repo: GitHub - fireblocks/fireblocks_solana_staking_sdk: Solana Staking SDK

Here is the screenshot. The address is Figment validator. (i7NyKBMJCA9bLM2nsGyAGCKHECuR2L5eh4GqFciuwNT)

But staking on other validators via the SDK or staking on Kiln via the Fireblocks UI works. So this is something specific to the Figment address.

Hey @robert we checked that and indeed we see some SOL staking txs stuck on submitted in the UI. It’s sporadic and can happen for any validator (either Kiln of Figment). We are working on addressing this.

In regards to the RAW staking SDK - we pushed a fix to the repo, you can pull and run it again, it should work now.

The UI SOL staking should be working as well.

Great I confirm it works. Btw. I noticed the Fireblocks Staking SDK example is using fireblocks-sdk@2.2.0 even though v5.7.0 is available. Probably it’s worth updating to prevent possible future bug reports.