How to create a solana stake transaction for external users?

I create my apiSecret and apiKey, how to create a transaction for another fireblocks user while I can not get their vaultAccount ?

I tried use fireblocks.createTransaction , but got the “ER_BAD_FIELD_ERROR: Unknown column ‘NaN’ in ‘where clause’” error , here is my code

const transactionResponse = await fireblocks.createTransaction({
    operation: TransactionOperation.RAW,
    assetId: 'SOL_TEST',
    source: {
      type: PeerType.VAULT_ACCOUNT,
      address: '5tF3AkMf4W7rjuwXwy2qQKdsru83b79AsxfbESfauAoz'
    destination: {
      type: PeerType.ONE_TIME_ADDRESS,
      oneTimeAddress: {
        address: 'FwR3PbjS5iyqzLiLugrBqKSa5EKZ4vK9SKs7eQXtT59f'
    amount: '0.1',
    // fee: {
    //   assetId: 'SOL_TEST',
    //   amount: '0.00001'
    // },
    extraParameters: {
      rawMessageData: {
        messages: [
            content: accountTransaction?.serializeMessage().toString('base64'),
            signingAlgorithm: 'SOLANA_TRANSACTION'
            content: stakeTransaction?.serializeMessage().toString('base64'),
            signingAlgorithm: 'SOLANA_TRANSACTION'

And accountTransaction is created by solana, need to be signed , how should I deal with it to pass to message.content prop

Hey @HongxuanHan can you please elaborate what do you mean by “create a transaction for another fireblocks user”?

You can create transactions only from vault accounts that are within the scope of your own workspace.