How to fetch staking details for XTZ

How to fetch staking details for my fireblock vault account for XTZ tezos asset . The api given in fireblocks that is getPositions() is only supporting eth and sol and giving me no reposne . Please tell i am doing somthing incoorect or please suggest a method to do so.

Hi @Aanchal

Alec from Fireblocks here. Currently, our native staking offering only supports ETH and SOL. However, we do have an SDK for Tezos staking based around the raw signing feature.

SDK: GitHub - fireblocks/tezos_staking_sdk: Stake Tezos on Fireblocks

Hi Alec,
Thanks for responding. But I wanted to get the staking details like the
details of the staking transaction done by my account. But the link you
provided does not tell about that. Can you help be with finding any sdk
or something through which I can fetch the transacation details from the
tezos explorer.

When you stake, the script should print the hash of the transaction. I would recommend querying an XTZ node directly with this hash to retrieve information about the transaction.