How to retrieve the NFT id on fireblock vault account

I am trying to use the Fireblock SDK for NFT collection.
For testing purpose, I sent 2 NFTs to the vault address and they reflected in the fireblock console.

But when I am trying to find and run the NFT using the API, I cannot retrieve the list of the NFTs present in my vault.

To get this working, I went to the console and copied the NFT ID to get the NFT details.

let nftList = await fireblocks.getNFTs({ids: ['NFT-ID']});
console.log(nftList, '-----nftList ');

Is there a way to get the list of all the NFTs ?

Hi @LokeshTechA

Alec from Fireblocks here. Try using GET /v1/nfts/ownership/assets. You can specify a vault account ID and get all the NFTs contained inside it, like this:
let nftList = await fireblocks.getOwnedNFTs({vaultAccountIds: ["0"]});