Console Postman collections

Does any one knows the console postman collections apis, if you know please share with us.

Our postman guide is here for your reference, Developer Guide for Postman, have you reviewed that already?
Let us know if you have questions about specific functionality.

  1. Is there a provision to add balance in vault accounts in fireblocks?
  2. Also itseems there’s no feature to check the available balance?
  3. Fiat account is not working in the testnet.
  4. Is there a way where we can connect with the fireblocks and seamlesschex maybe via slack?
  5. How to create the user either creating using API or client has to provide the access for vault creation ?
    6.How are funds added wheather default funds are added?

Hi nice to meet you :wave:

  1. What do you mean by provision? If you mean getting testnet assets to your Vault Account I recommend using a faucet like this:
  2. You are looking for this endpoint: List vault accounts
  3. That is true, as there is no such thing as a Fiat testnet
  4. The community is all you need :slight_smile: we are here to help!
  5. Users (Human and API-Users) can be created from the Fireblocks console. Every user role except for the “Viewer” can create Vault accounts.
  6. Each asset wallet in every vault account has a unique on-chain address that you can use to add (send) funds to a wallet.

i am facing issue in transaction Missing BitMEX Testnet credentials

how to get usd values in my valut account and assest balance

Hi @Subhashini,
I am unsure about the nature of your error as the USD balances are displayed on screen.

For the API, when pulling Vault Account balances the USD value of the balance is also reported for each vault account.

Hope this helps