What is the difference between "Get vault balance by asset" and "Get the asset balance for a vault account"

Hello community,

I created a new vault account. Under that vault account I created a new wallet.
Now I want to get the balance for that wallet.

When exploring the doc, I see the I can get the balance using the following API endpoint by providing the vault account id an the asset id parameters:

Get the asset balance for a vault account
get https://api.fireblocks.io/v1/vault/accounts/{vaultAccountId}/{assetId}

But I see another API endpoint:

Get vault balance by asset
get https://api.fireblocks.io/v1/vault/assets/{assetId}

This endpoint is very similar to the previous one. Except that there is no vault account id parameter. Even their responses are identical.

Can you please describe the differences between these two endpoints?

I am really confused about the second endpoint, Because an asset is associated with a wallet. And a wallet is associated with a vault account. In the second endpoint, since there no vault account id, What balance is returned? and what is the purpose/use case of it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @usama

Alec from Fireblocks here. The GET /v1/vault/assets/{assetId} endpoint returns the total balance for that asset in the whole workspace. Note the subtle difference in terminology:

  • “Get vault balance by asset” – “vault” refers to the collection of all of the wallets within your Fireblocks workspace, secured by MPC

  • “Get the asset balance for a vault account” – a “vault account” is one segregated group of asset wallets within the vault

Thank you very much. Now it is clear for me.