Get the list of all vault wallets addresses

Hi! We are trying to calculate how many addresses are currently created in vault wallets thought API and update this information on daily basis. But looks like in order to get this information we first need to get all asset wallets (fast enough) and then send separate requests for each of vaultId + assetId to get the addresses (~320k API calls). Is there any simpler way to get this information? I think what we are looking for is paginated API endpoint to get all addresses without specifying the vaultId and assetId, with sort by creation time and ability to set before/after parameters.

Hi @asjuferov great question! we do have a paginated API endpoint to get addresses but unfortunately you will have to specify vaultID and assetID

Please see this page - Get addresses (Paginated)

Thank you for the response. The method via the link above is exactly the one I mentioned, but through it, we need to make more than 322K requests to get all or new addresses. Do you have plans to add such functionality to the API?

Hi @asjuferov such functionality is not on the roadmap at the moment.