Pre-funding with Goerli ETH no longer works on Fireblocks Sandbox

Hi, the Developer Sandbox Quickstart Guide says

  1. Pre-funded wallet with a small amount of Goerli Eth - No need to hunt for working public faucets.

But this did not happen on new account registration for me – is there a way to get Goerli Eth via Fireblocks Sandbox UI / API?

Hello S_V,

Sagar from Fireblocks here, We had an issue pre-funding your ETH_TEST3 account during the tenant creation, We will resolve this shortly. Usually, you would get 0.01 Goerli pre-funded, I’ve transferred 0.02 ETH_TEST3 to your Default Vault (ID = 0) to unblock you. Sorry about that. Good luck building.

Thank you @Sagar ! I received the ETH_TEST3

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