Auto Fuelling not working with CELO_ALF

We have attempted to add the network CELO_ALF to our Gas Station Wallet.

We have created new Vault Accounts with auto-fuelling enabled but the transactions always fail with “Insufficient funds for fee”. An example transaction is

Could you please assist?

Hey @finone,

The Gas Station feature is there in order to help you to manage ERC20 tokens withdrawals from your vault accounts.
Basically, the logic is - once you created a vault account and set the autoFuel flag to true, the Gas Station will monitor this vault account and deposit the configured amount of the base asset to this vault account if there is a deposit of ERC20 token into this vault.

It solves a specific issue when you manage wallets for your users and they deposit ERC20 tokens without any base asset while you want to sweep these assets later on.

For more info please read: