Network support for Fireblocks Gas Station

Hi Fireblocks, please navigate me what networks are supported with Gas Station?

  1. I want to sponsor transactions of Bitcoin, Atom, Solana, Near. Can I do it?

  2. I want to sponsor only certain transactions for the vault. How can I apply that rule?

Hey @Daniel and welcome to the Fireblocks Community!

In regards to your questions:

  1. Fireblocks Gas station supports all the EVM based networks that are supported in Fireblocks.
    This means that Atom, Solana, Near and Bitcoin are not supported.

  2. You should enable the autoFuel flag on each vault that you wish the Gas Station to top up upon any ERC20 compatible token deposit.
    In order to control when to fuel this vault account with gas from the gas station, you might want to use out API per each transaction and set the autoFuel flag to true/false depending on the decision to fuel or not this specific vault following the specific transaction.

You can read more about the Fireblocks Gas Station setup and usage here:

API reference for Gas Station autoFuel flag:

@SlavaSereb do you know if there is any way for us to transfer out Gas Station funds? Is the Gas Station address also controlled by MPC? I don’t seem to see a way to transfer out the Gas Station funds if say I accidentally deposit an ERC20 token.

Hey @goh,
The gas station wallet is controlled by Fireblocks and currently there is no a straight forward way for clients to move assets out of it via API or the UI.

There is some method for extracting base assets by configuring the gasThreshold param to 0 and the gasCap to the maximum amount you have in the Gas Station wallet. Then, once there’s a deposit into a certain vault, the Gas Station will top up the vault account with the entire balance it has…

Another option for extraction is simply asking our support team to do so.