Add support in Sandbox for adding Solana based tokens

I want to show Solana-based tokens in an Asset Wallet in the sandbox environment. Solana doesn’t appear as an option in the “Blockchain Network” tab and when I click on “Need to add an asset on the Algorand, DigitalBits, Solana, Stellar, or Tron blockchains: Submit a Request”, I’m redirected to the non-sandbox 2FA.

Hi @MaximPiessen ,
Please provide links to the token pages on Solscan and I will have them added to your workspace.

Apologies for the slow reply. Would be great if you can add this one asap; demo’s coming up for big clients! Transaction History | Token | USD Coin Dev (Gh…Jr) | Solana

Hi @MaximPiessen

Thank you for your patience with this, we had to work through an issue with connectivity the Solana Devnet. You can now use this SPL token on your sandbox workspace. The Fireblocks ID is USDC1_SOL_TEST and the symbol is USDC_DEV. Note that you will need to have some SOL_TEST in your vault when you create the new USDC asset wallet due to the on-chain transaction required to create the SPL token account.

Thanks, @alec , but I do not see “USDC1_SOL_TEST”, nor “USDC_DEV” when adding a new asset wallet. Can you share a screenshot?

You should see this when you select + Asset Wallet and search for USDC_DEV:

You can then select the asset and click “Add” on the bottom.

If that’s not working please send me a screenshot of the window when you search for “USDC”.

Now it shows, thanks!

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