Which service I should choose (NWC vs Direct Custody)


I am wondering which service would be best for our needs, we have a crypto exchange where we would like to provide to users a possibility to create a self-custody wallet (means the user is owner of the private keys) but the user should be able to OPT-IN to share his private-key (or any other permission) to the exchange to be able to perform transactions for him.

Thanks for help.

Hey @kleinpetr , I would definitely point out to our NCW solution here.
You can allow the user to provision his own self custodial wallet, and in case he opts in - add your exchange as another device with a key share, using our multiple device flow as mentioned here - Multiple Devices.
You could even allow your user to opt out at a later stage, if he wishes to.

You can start testing these right away using documentation to quickly set up a backend and frontend to test the mentioned flow, after signing up for Sandbox workspace here!

If you have any further questions, please let me know!
And if you feel like you’re ready to start integrating Fireblocks intro your production ready application - you can always self enroll here!

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Thanks for the reply, it makes sense, just additional info. the NCW accounts are created also within a Vaults? so will be able to see them in the fireblocks sandbox?

And when they allow us as another device, will we be able to work with their assets similarly as with a custody wallets? (for example Vault staking etc)

Hey @kleinpetr,

Jumping in here in @janlev absence.

Non Custodial Wallets are different entities from Vault Accounts.
As of today, these are not visible in the console and can be managed via API only.
Re the other question - most of the functionality, such as setting policies, creating contract calls and more, is available for NCW the same as for the self custody wallets (Vault Accounts).

But due to the fact that NCWs are not visible in the console, this functionality can be achieved using the API only, for example: staking API, Contract Call API etc.