Not Authorized when using NCW endpoint at Sandbox

Hey team! Im using the Sandbox environment and generated an API Key with role of non-signing admin but when I try to use POST /ncw/wallets a 401 Unauthorized is returned by the API.

With the same API Key when I try to make a GET at /ncw/wallets for test purposes I have a proper return (currently empty).

Im attaching the image below.

Hey @marlonbrgomes,

The only role that is allowed to create Non Custodial Wallets is:

You can find more info here:


When I try to create a new API Key the options enabled are just Viewer, Editor and Non-signing Admin.

What should I do to see this kind of NCW roles?

Hey @marlonbrgomes,

I can see that this Sandbox account was created before the NCW feature was enabled by default in all new Sandbox workspaces, hence, you do not have these roles in the drop-down.

I will work internally on enabling NCW on your Sandbox account and will update here once done.

@marlonbrgomes you should be all set now. LMK if this works please.