Updated Specs - What is X-End-User-Wallet-Id?

I just pulled the latest openapi spec of Fireblocks (https://docs.fireblocks.com/api/v1/swagger.yaml?_gl=1*di38xt*_ga*ODA4NjE0NzAyLjE2NzQ2NjM3MDE.*_ga_D39L1D2ZX2*MTY5MDY5NDI1Ny4xNzguMS4xNjkwNjk0MzY4LjYwLjAuMA…) and generated a java SDK using their spec.

I’ve been able to do this successfully with the last openapi spec, but now I am having issues. My generated code is getting thrown off of by this header in transaction API calls (X-End-User-Wallet-Id).

This is the openapi spec that uses this header:

      summary: Unfreeze a transaction
      description: Unfreezes a transaction by ID and makes the transaction available again.
        - Transactions
          - language: python
            code: result = fireblocks.unfreeze_transaction(txId)
            name: Fireblocks SDK Python example
          - language: javascript
            code: const result = await fireblocks.unfreezeTransaction(txId);
            name: Fireblocks SDK Javascript example
        - in: header
          name: X-End-User-Wallet-Id
            $ref: "#/components/headers/X-End-User-Wallet-Id"
        - in: path
          name: txId
          required: true
          description: The ID of the transaction to unfreeze
            type: string
            minimum: 1
          description: Unfreeze response
          headers: *req-id-header
                $ref: "#/components/schemas/UnfreezeTransactionResponse"

This is the code that’s getting generated for this call:

     * Unfreeze a transaction
     * Unfreezes a transaction by ID and makes the transaction available again.
     * <p><b>200</b> - Unfreeze response
     * @param txId The ID of the transaction to unfreeze (required)
     * @param xEndUserWalletId  (optional)
     * @return UnfreezeTransactionResponse
     * @throws RestClientException if an error occurs while attempting to invoke the API
    public UnfreezeTransactionResponse transactionsTxIdUnfreezePost(String txId, XEndUserWalletId xEndUserWalletId) throws RestClientException {
        return transactionsTxIdUnfreezePostWithHttpInfo(txId, xEndUserWalletId).getBody();

First question, what is X-End-User-Wallet-Id? Is it required? I can’t find anything about it in the docs. Is the OpenApi spec on the website too much in beta and should I re-tract to using the older one?

Hi @moza ,

My name is Alon and I am part of the Solutions Engineering team at Fireblocks.

The X-End-User-Wallet-Id can be safely ignored. It is not a mandatory part of the request.