Unable to create a Signer User

Hi Fireblocks community,
Why the delete API user is not allowed in my account? Any reasons for that, I am using a sandbox environment.

Im always receiving Fireblocks SDK Error: Unauthorized: Token was not accepted even I just created an API user with Editor mode. My account also not allowed me to create a Signing User. Please help me here.

Hi @miyaka

On a Sandbox workspace, only Non-signing Admins will be able to delete API users. If your role is Viewer or Editor, you will not be able to perform this action. Furthermore, signing users cannot be created in Sandbox workspaces, because all signing is handled by the Sandbox communal co-signer.

The “Token was not accepted” message is returned when the JWT that is passed as the Authorization field in your request header is not formatted correctly. Please review this article and ensure that your JWT is constructed properly.