Can not delete API users in sandbox environment

We are working in a sandbox environment to test the new NCW.
Testing with several API users, but now it appears we should use the same key for both NCW Admin and NCW Signer. Some failed attempts and now we are at 5 API users … I can’t delete the previous 4 API users, we receive an error when trying to. As a result I cannot make another API user because the max for API users is 5 …
Is it possible for Fireblocks to delete the API users? Or if that is not possible, maybe we should start with a fresh sandbox environment?

To add, the problem might be some sort of ‘partial deletion’? When we look at the groups that the not being able to be deleted users belong, it says ‘No groups’. Maybe that is where hte partial delete fails?
See attachment also …

Hi @Jarl ,
Sorry for this inconvenience, this is definitely an annoying bug.
I will have a fix ready and deployed early next week.

Can you please send me your tenant name / id so I can help with the deletion of API users from our side in the meanwhile?

Hi @matan ,

thanks for replying :slight_smile: I think it is this?

“Rabobank - Jarl Nieuwenhuijzen”

Also, is it possible to extend the time, if possible for 3 more weeks?


Hey @Jarl , Dhruv from Fireblocks product team here :wave: .

Regarding the time extension - you can safely ignore your expiration warning and should be good to go.

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Hi @matan, any updates on the matter?

Hi @Jarl ,
Sorry for the lack of updates, you should be able to open at least 5 more API users for now, that should allow you to proceed.
The fix was not deployed yet to our sandbox env, I will make sure to let you know once it does.

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