Sandbox login issues

I’m having issues trying to log in into the sandbox, I’m getting the following error:

A coworker that had another sandbox account is experiencing the same, any chance you could help us out?

From inspecting the network tab this is what I’m seeing

A valid JWT is generated from the following endpoint:

After that this token is being rejected by this endpoint which returning Forbidden :

That start session endpoint failure seems to be causing the Something went wrong. Try again. error in the UI

Hi @roberthq

Alec from Fireblocks here. Make sure you’re using the Sandbox console URL to access your Sandbox workspace: Fireblocks Console

Since the new update to the login page it seems that the login page for the sandbox is no longer working in Safari (17.4.1). Any attempt to login never succeeds. The input fields remain blank, both autofill and manual input do not work. Any chance of a fix?


Hi @tomludo

We always recommend using the latest version of one of these Chromium-based browsers to access the Console:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Brave
  • Vivaldi