networkFee in createTransaction not working

There is no networkFee option specified in TransactionArguments for the createTransaction even though it is stated in documentation.

export interface TransactionArguments {
assetId?: string;
source?: TransferPeerPath;
destination?: DestinationTransferPeerPath;
amount?: number | string;
operation?: TransactionOperation;
fee?: number | string;
feeLevel?: FeeLevel;
failOnLowFee?: boolean;
maxFee?: string;
priorityFee?: number | string;
gasPrice?: number | string;
gasLimit?: number | string;
note?: string;
cpuStaking?: number;
networkStaking?: number;
autoStaking?: boolean;
customerRefId?: string;
extraParameters?: object;
destinations?: TransactionDestination;
replaceTxByHash?: string;
externalTxId?: string;
treatAsGrossAmount?: boolean;
forceSweep?: boolean;
feePayerInfo?: TransactionArgumentsFeePayerInfo;
travelRuleMessage?: TravelRule;


For EVM-based blockchains only. The total transaction fee in the blockchain’s largest unit. Note: Only two of the three arguments can be specified in a single transaction: gasLimit, gasPrice and networkFee. Fireblocks recommends using a numeric string for accurate precision. Although a number input exists, it is deprecated. - The transaction blockchain fee.

  • For Ethereum, you can’t pass gasPrice, gasLimit and networkFee all together.
  • A numeric value representation is required.

Providing it doesn’t change anything.

Hi Kaamil,
The network fee is used to calculate the max fee for ETH transactions. If the network fee is used to calculate the max fee, you will see the passed-in network fee value in the “fee” field.

maxFee = networkFee/gasLimit

The network fee field is used in fee calculations but does not exist in the transaction object; use the “fee” field instead. I hope this clears things up for you.

If (block base fee + PriorityFee) < maxFee, then (block base fee + PriorityFee) = gas price.
However, if the (block base fee + PriorityFee) > maxFee, then max fee = gas price.

Please refer to the article below.<%20maxFee%2C%20then%20(block%20base%20fee%20%2B%20PriorityFee)%20%3D%20gas%20price. However%2C%20if%20the%20(block%20base%20fee%20%2B%20PriorityFee)%20>%20maxFee%2C%20then%20max%20fee%20%3D%20gas%20price.