About Cross Chain

Does Fireblocks support cross-chain?

I want to make sure that the withdrawal will be successful if the USDT from the source and the USDT to the destination are different.

Hey @kkk !

Can you please elaborate on the question here? I just want to make sure I understand the use case properly before providing any information :pray:t2:


To estimate the USDT transfer fee (using “Estimate the required fee for an asset”),
I wanted to set “USDT” to “assetID”, but an error occurs.
By using “List all asset types supported by Fireblocks” I learned that “assetID” cannot be set to “USDT” and that “USDT” has multiple networks(“USDT_ERC20”, “USDT_OMNI”, “USDT_POLYGON”, etc.).
Therefore, when creating a “TRANSFER” transaction (using “Create a new transaction”), use “ONE_TIME_ADDRESS” for the destination address,
I would like to send “USDT” without being aware of the type of “USDT” network . Is it possible?
(e.g. automatic bridging of networks)

That won’t be possible in Fireblocks @kkk.

You have to specify an explicit asset ID (USDT on a specific network) when creating transactions.