JS sdk function returns: The request is with a future issuance timestamp (iat)

I am trying to use fireblocks sdk to createVoultAccount and assets but when i make a request it throws following error

{ "message": "The request is with a future issuance timestamp (iat).", "code": -12}

I tried creating new users with different roles but same result.
I also tried testing it with postman api but no luck.
How can i tackle this issue?

Hey @adityapadekar,

can you please share your API key so we will be able to take a look on our side?

Thanks, but I fixed that issue and now I am stuck here.

I’m currently integrating USDC and USDT into an Ethereum mainnet environment using Fireblocks. Fireblocks provides a list of supported asset IDs through their API endpoint
List all assets and assets types supported by Fireblocks.

Initially, for testing purposes, we were utilizing the Polygon Mumbai network with the following asset IDs:


However, since Polygon Mumbai is deprecated, I’m considering transitioning to Avalanche Fuji. I’ve found an asset ID for USDC (AVAXTEST), but I’m uncertain if there’s a supported asset ID for USDT on the Avalanche network.

Could someone confirm if there’s a supported asset ID for USDT on Avalanche Fuji, or suggest an alternative approach for integrating USDT in an Ethereum mainnet environment with Fireblocks? Thank you.

Hey @adityapadekar,

Indeed Mumbai was deprecated but we also support Matic Amoy testnet (ID: AMOY_POLYGON_TEST)

In regards to USDT on Avalance Fuji - there’s no supported token by default but you can simply add whatever token you want to your workspace by clicking on the “Create Wallet” button within a certain vault account and then “Add a non listed ERC20 token”.

You can also do that via API:

Basically you can add any public USDT contract on Fuji that you want or alternatively deploy your own one and mint as many as you wish.

Hey @SlavaSereb

Thank you for the previous assistance!

I’m seeking clarification on a couple of points. Regarding the MATIC Amoy testnet asset, is it designed for use with either USDC or USDT? If it’s exclusive to one of them, are there default IDs available for both USDC and USDT on the Amoy testnet? I initially set up Amoy before attempting to migrate to Avalanche Fuji, but encountered issues during the process.

Additionally, will deploying a custom USDT contract on Avalanche Fuji work similarly for USDC? In other words, if I opt for Amoy and lack one of the default asset IDs, can I deploy a contract to create a custom asset for testing purposes?

And finally, concerning the usage of assetId in the Fireblocks-sdk for js, particularly in the context of creating a vault asset using the createVaultAsset method, there’s some ambiguity regarding which identifier to utilize. When specifying the assetId parameter, should I use the “id” or “nativeAsset” from the provided JSON object?

        "id": "USDC_AVAX_FUJI",
        "name": " USD Coin (Avalanche Fuji)",
        "type": "ERC20",
        "contractAddress": "0x5425890298aed601595a70AB815c96711a31Bc65",
        "nativeAsset": "AVAXTEST",
        "decimals": 6

Here’s the relevant excerpt from the API reference:

await fireblocks.createVaultAsset(vaultRes.id, assetId)

API Reference Link

I appreciate any guidance on these matters. Thank you for your help!