Adding a custom asset using only API

I have some difficult setting up a custom ERC20 assets in FireBlocks using API. We will be using FireBlocks as custodian of custom ERC20 tokens that our platform deploy in EVM based blockchains (Ethereum, Binance, Polygon). So using the FireBlocks dashboard i can setup a new Asset wallet

Clicking Add a non-listed ERC20 asset will show following screen where i can select the blockchain network and token address. This adds the new asset in the selected Vault

But i cannot see any API that can do the same. The closest API I can search is

const vaultAsset = await fireblocks.createVaultAsset(vaultAccountId, assetId);

But here i need Asset ID. There are assets id for listed assets but what if i need to add a new non-listed asset using API and get it’s ID for above API. i could not find any related API

Hey @shahzad73!

Currently, there’s no API endpoint to add ERC20 tokens. We are working on adding such endpoint in the next few months.

Having said that, our system will automatically add the token to your workspace if it was an outcome of a contract call.

For example - you deployed a smart contract using our contract call API and as a result of deploying it there were some minted tokens to one of your vault accounts - the system will recognize the new token and automatically add it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

but our issuers can still setup the custom token using FireBlocks dashboard interface like i did within sandbox and then we can send transaction like transfer using API calls ?

for backgorund we have custom ERC1404 security token that our issuers can deploy using our platform and some of them want to use FireBlocks as custodian

Yep, they will be able to add this token to their Workspace using the console and you will be able to transfer these to them