Type of wallet for deal wallet solution

Hello, I want to create a wallet to associate a crypto card and how can I create one specifically for a custom ERC-20 token, hence the wallet deposit address only accepts token, thank you very much.

Hi @Vyft-team

You can add support for your custom token to your Fireblocks workspace in the Console by selecting a vault, then choosing “+ Asset Wallet” > “Add a non-listed ERC20 asset”. This will create a new asset wallet for your token, and will allow you to manage your custom tokens via Fireblocks’ API. However, it will use the vault’s Ethereum address. Because of the properties of the Ethereum blockchain, there is no way to prevent ETH or other tokens from being sent to this address on-chain.

One of your colleagues told me that we can create a policy to block the deposit of funds to the wallet, moreover I do not have console access, thank you for wanting to understand why and I ask it and what would be the ideal type of wallet to link a debit card, thank you very much.

You can create a policy that prevents users on your workspace from moving funds into that vault, and you can also freeze incoming transactions to prevent the funds from being moved, but again, there is no way to actually prevent ETH or other ERC-20 assets from being sent to the address on-chain.

For your debit card use case, it would make sense to create the asset wallet as described above, and use webhooks and the Fireblocks SDK to monitor the flows of your custom token.

Hello again, thank you! What if, I would like to build my own entire wallet while using Fireblocks MPC technology?

So I want to use my own technology for the wallet but using Fireblocks technology for the MPC technology for it, thank you.

Hi @Vyft-team , the solution I described above is fully secured by Fireblocks MPC